Corey Doggett

Certified Personal Trainer

Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist

Hometown:  San Diego, CA


As someone who has experienced life on both sides of the fence, I can say what most of us already know: life is SO much more enjoyable on the healthy side. My teenage years and early 20s were ruled by Mountain Dew, Monster energy drinks, and fast food. I was fortunate enough to realize the damage I was doing and put an end to it before bad habits formed medical problems. The comparisons are night and day when it comes to my sleep quality, level of energy, zero stress, strong and agile body, skin health, mood, outlook on life, desire to be faster and better... I could go on and on. If you've experienced both sides of the fence then you know what I'm talking about. My promise is to help push any willing person to the healthy side and stay there. I absolutely love what I do and wake up every single day to help others achieve amazing, lasting results.


American Council on Exercise (ACE) Certified

CPR/AED Certified



Testimonials (Yelp)

"I have been working out with Corey since the beginning of the year. I was having intense back pain due to the strenuous activity of my work. I am a brewer and am required to lift a lot of heavy items. I started working with Corey to strengthen my core in order to protect my back. I now have no back pain and have strengthened my whole body, not just my core. Starting out I could only do 6 half push ups, I can now do double digit full ones. He plans my workouts based on the rigors of my job. It is by far the best workout/gym experience I have ever had."  -Carli


"You can tell he is committed to getting you into shape and also promoting healthy living. I definitely noticed results after the first few weeks. He was also very good about not passing judgment. I think it's really important when you are trying to improve yourself, to surround yourself with positive people that want you to succeed. I would highly recommend Corey and his personal training, to anyone who has a fitness goal or needs that little extra motivation."  -Sarah


"I've been a client of Corey for a couple of years now. I make some pretty poor health choices elsewhere in life, but in spite of all that somehow Corey has me in great shape and feeling healthy and excited for beach weather. Corey isn't the aggressive boot camp type of trainer. He's the positive reinforcement type with your health, pace, and progress in mind at all times. He'll push you to do your best, but is understanding when you need a break. The workouts are as tough as you want them to be and the individual milestones he tracks for you are really motivating. There's a ton of variety in the circuits so you never have the opportunity to get comfortable and plateau. I could pay monthly for a gym membership I rarely use, but these training sessions are changes that I can see and feel."  -Andy