My focus is to provide total health and fitness programs for any fitness level. I am a San Diego native with a strong passion for eating healthy and exercising regularly. Programs are structured around the Client's current goals and fitness history. Sports performance, fat loss, core strength, muscle gain... whatever your goals may be, I will get you there.

Having a Personal Trainer focus on you is something that just can’t be beat.  A robot can’t figure out whether you can do one more push-up, or how to motivate you to actually do it. Going to the gym solo or streaming online workouts allow you to take extra, extended breaks, quit early, and possibly do the routines incorrectly. The extra focus and accountability a Personal Trainer provides means faster, better, and longer lasting results.

No contracts, plus payments can always be broken up. Example: you want 12 sessions for $780 and would like to pay $260 every two weeks (which allows us to meet one-on-one twice per week). Reach out to me and we'll definitely make something work.



Fitness Training and Nutritional Coaching Options


Online Program:

Complete your workouts and receive nutritional coaching one-on-one from the comfort of your home (or from your phone while on-the-go). Sessions are conducted via Skype and provide nearly everything you would receive from meeting with the Trainer in person.

Being held accountable by a live Personal Trainer will ensure those 30-60 minute workouts lead to the best results possible. There’s no way you’ll be hitting the snooze button when your Personal Trainer is ready and waiting to provide you with an amazing workout.

You’ll discuss food and nutrition surrounding your fitness routines. Plus use time before and after workouts to seek advice from the Personal Trainer and plan out your days ahead. The extra motivation and guidance means faster and longer lasting results.




Personal Training at Function Factory:

The Client will meet Corey at Function Factory ( where one-on-one Personal Training Sessions will be held. In addition to your one-on-one sessions with Corey, you will have membership access to the gym (during business hours) as well as the Group Classes at Function Factory.

I highly recommend this option as the Client will get the best results possible due to the resources at this facility. For more details on facility memberships for Group Classes or Personal Training please contact Corey or visit (One-month trial available! Ask me how!)




Trainer Travels to the Client:

The Personal Trainer will travel to either the Client’s home or an agreed upon location, such as a gym facility within the Client's complex. The Trainer will bring equipment if the location does not already provide equipment.

Workouts range from HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) to strength and resistance training, all depending on the Client’s goals. Plus nutritional coaching, personal record tracking, measurement tracking, and so much more.




The Business Package:

Own a business or work for a company that would benefit from a Personal Trainer? Business Sessions can be a one-time thing or reoccurring. The Personal Trainer will travel to the business and provide an educational and motivational presentation to your employees/coworkers. Proper stretching techniques and “easy to do at home” workouts will be demonstrated. If reoccurring sessions are desired, encourage employees to bring appropriate workout apparel and join in for some fun, result-driven workouts.





Payments Accepted: Cash, Credit or Debit Card, Check, PayPal, Capital One 360, Venmo